The Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable Podcast
The Cycling Roundtable Podcast

It's Vitamin V – but no need to get cocky

HOST: Carlton Reid

PANELISTS: Jim Moss Donna Tocci



*That* BBC video interview with the US professor and his adorable kids.

Strong winds force cancellation of Cape Town Cycle Tour in South Africa disappointing 35,000 would-be participants.

Team Sky riders trialled Viagra for, er, “performance benefits”.

Lance admits he was a “duck” (but with an "i").

Team Sky’s Exploding Shimano wheels @ 60kph in the Tirreno-Adriatico.

Cycleways cause pollution, says MP who drives a dirty old muscle-car.

NZ gov’t campaign to get more people on bikes.

Boston Transportation Department Offers Free Cycling Clinics for Women this Summer

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