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The Cycling Roundtable Podcast

Spokesmen Cycling Podcast

Tuesday 8th October 2019


HOST: Carlton Reid


  • Holocaust survivor Paul Alexander
  • Canadian journalist Aili McConnon, co-author of Bartali biography, "The Road to Valor"
  • Gino Bartali's granddaughter Giulia Bartali.
  • Yuval Markovich, Bartali Youth Leadership School
  • Dr. Ilana Tischler, director-general, Ben Shemen Youth Village, Israel
  • Former pro cyclist Ran Margaliot, co-founder of Israel Cycling Academy and Bartali Youth Leadership School


A 77-year-old secret, a new, cycling-based boarding school that commemorates it, and the kick-off for a 180 kilometre bike ride that retraces its roots.

This episode is about Gino Bartali's 1948 Tour de France victory, his secret wartime rides to smuggle fake IDs for Italian Jews, a new Israeli cycling-based boarding school launched in his honour, and the Bartali 180 commemorative cycle ride from Florence to Assisi, retracing Bartali's mid-1940s training-cum-smuggling route.

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