The Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable Podcast
The Cycling Roundtable Podcast

Sunday 7th February 2021

The Spokesmen Cycling Podcast

EPISODE 267: Put money on the table and let's get these modes moving


HOST: Carlton Reid

GUESTS: Francois Bausch, Deputy Minister, Minister for Mobility and Public Works, Luxembourg

Claudia Dobles Camargo, First Lady, Costa Rica

Dagmawit Moges, Minister of Transport, Ethiopia

J├╝rgen Zattler, Deputy Director General for Multilateral and European Policy, Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Germany

Femi Oke, broadcaster

TOPICS: Extracts from the closing plenary of the Transforming Transportation conference held last week. This is staged every year for the World Bank by Washington DC's World Resources Institute.


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